Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Run-Escape Shenanigans.

Back in 2006, I would play Run-Escape for over 10 hours a day. On weekends, that would double.
This seems so unhealthy. And it was. But I didn't get fat.
I sort of wish I could go back to those days... Picking Flax to get money to buy a Dharok's Greataxe for 1 million GP. Now they're only 400,000gp. I'm sure everything went up (or downhill) from after I found a Santa hat, back in '07. I think it was '07. Could have been '06.

Anyway, so me and my friend were dueling at the arena of dueller's death, and there was some level 40 something with a santa hat on. So we asked him how he got it, and he said a friend gave it to him because his friend quit. With our bellies hungering for money, we told him we'd pay him 15 million GP's for the hat. Of course, he agreed, because he was a complete idiot.

Unfortunately for me, my friend put in about 13 million GP to buying the hat, and I put in 2 million GP.
So we sold this hat for about 25 million GP, and my friend took his 13 Million GP, and I had my 2 million. That leaves 10 Million. I got 5 million, he got 5 million. So I ended up with 7 million!
Which, back when I was a level 90 something is huge!

So I squandered it on expensive items, like FULL Dharok's, and Guthans. I was in heaven.
I think this is where I sort of lost the will to play a bit. I would no longer do 20 hour stints. I never limited myself, but I ended up doing about 6 hours, then 5 hours, then 4 hours.
The desire to obtain everything I wanted was gone. I had everything I wanted, and more.
Now I hardly play at all. I think the last time I went on for more than an hour was February...
Times have changed, my lifestyle has changed.

What will the future bring? Who knows. Hopefully something delicious, like cake or fruit juice. Oh did I mention I drink over 4 gallons of fruit juice a day.
No, I'm just kidding.

But seriously.


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  1. Lol day long runs of playing run escape :3

    Aaah those were the days.